Red Hand is a weekly online publication, with daily updates, which presents the week’s news in Australia and the world from a left perspective. RH has a focus on political, economic and social events, offering a fact-based interpretation of major events which shape the world we live in, our political struggles and the everyday lives of working and middle class people. RH prioritises these stories, and a left interpretation of them.  

Red Hand sees state, corporate power and technological change as the key shapers of history and everyday life today. It sees socio-economic class as the key determinant of people’s lives and the core of social struggle. It sees race and gender as lived social categories, and is more interested in real conditions than in the cultural representations of such. 

It puts these forces back at the centre of left news coverage, as opposed to ‘cultural-left’ and ‘left-liberal’ publications which have prioritised culture and media as the field of social struggle.